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Spanish Language Programs

Gateway Argentina offers two different language programs depending on your needs.  We also offer a number of specialized language courses.

Intensive Spanish Course:

Students in the Intensive Spanish Course will study through the University of Buenos Aires.

home stay
Classes consist of:
• distinctive levels
• 15 hours per week / 60 hours per level
• 4 weeks per level
• Small class sizes (under 10)
• Course material included
• Entry test and final exam
• Certification issued by the University Language Center - University of Buenos Aires


Each level is taught by two different professors in order to heighten the student’s ability to comprehend different patterns of speech.   Professors use many different methods of teaching to emphasize a comprehensive learning process.  While in these classes prepare to be reading, writing, listening and communicating only in Spanish.  Classes are supplemented with material that will also introduce you to historical and cultural topics in Buenos Aires and Argentina. You will be assigned homework and optional outside the classroom activities to further your studies.

Why choose this option?
These classes are perfect for graduate or undergraduate students coming to Buenos Aires for a longer period of time and want intensive spanish classes.  These classes are ideal for students whose focus for their time in Buenos Aires is Spanish language learning.
Classes begin on the first Monday of every month.

Customized Spanish Options:

Gateway Argentina also offers a wide range of customized Spanish programs.
home stay
• Semester study abroad (groups and individuals)
• Gap year abroad
• Private Studies
• Spanish and Tango

For more information about customized Spanish programs please visit our customize page.

As with all Gateway Argentina programs we require that all participants are at least 18 years of age and have international medical coverage for the duration of the time of their program.

Tango, Argentina
All programs include:
• Accommodation
• Airport Pickup
• City Orientation
• Program Orientation
• Cell Phone Rental
• Language Partner
• Spanish Conversation Club
• Weekly Group Activities
• Welcome Packet
• In-Country Assistance

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