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Gateway Argentina is continuously searching for the best programs available in Buenos Aires for our participants.  While there are many volunteer placement agencies in Buenos Aires we have searched extensively to find the agency with the best programs and opportunities for you. We understand the needs of our volunteer participants. We understand that volunteering is a commitment both personally and financially.  We want to give you an enriching international experience while providing a program that is well established and deeply rooted in important Argentine social causes.  We have chosen a partnership with HelpArgentina because of their powerful commitment to enriching the social sector of Argentina. 

About HelpArgentina:
HelpArgentina is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to strengthen Argentine civil society through the mobilization of donors and volunteers and the promotion of the best practices.  HelpArgentina´s vision is of a competitive, trustworthy and globally financed Argentine social sector. It offers the international community a secure channel to support a network of organizations selected according to social impact, accountability and best practices. HelpArgentina is able to accomplish this mission of promoting social development in Argentina with the generosity and hard work of capable volunteers. Volunteers are placed among one of the 52 organizations represented by HelpArgentina.

How it Works:
Upon receiving confirmation of your interest in volunteering in Buenos Aires you will be sent a volunteer questionnaire.  Once the questionnaire is returned to Gateway Argentina we will forward it to our representative at HelpArgentina.  By providing us with this questionnaire HelpArgentina is able to outline possible placements for you prior to your arrival and orientation with the social sector experts at HelpArgentina. Once you arrive you will receive a placement orientation with HelpArgentina's volunteer coordinators. Upon completion of your orientation, you will be accompanied to your placement where you will meet fellow volunteers and staff. HelpArgentina volunteer coordinators will be available throughout the duration to assist you with any problems or concerns that way arise. 

For more information about HelpArgentina and their volunteer programs we encourage you to read over their website and become familiar with their member organizations.  www.helpargentina.org

Gateway Argentina and HelpArgentina require a one month minimum volunteer commitment from our volunteers.   We suggest that participants have a basic to intermediate level of Spanish.   If your Spanish is not already at this level, we advise that you enroll in a month long intensive Spanish immersion program before volunteering.  Please see our Spanish Immersion options for more information.   We highly recommend that volunteer participants take one on one Spanish classes while volunteering, this can also be arranged for you through Gateway Argentina.

If you are unable to commit to a one month volunteer program but still want to volunteer in Argentina, please see our customize page as we may be able to arrange a short term project for you.   As with all Gateway Argentina programs we require that all participants are at least 18 years of age and have international medical coverage for the duration of the time of their program.

Volunteer programs also include:
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