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Dear Parents, Guardians, Academic Advisors and Participants,

As a child I was a seeker of adventure. I had a yearning for discovery and a passion for learning. I spent endless hours in my grandfather’s office admiring a globe he kept on his desk.  The globe was old, outdated and pealing apart, but it was my favorite toy.  I would spend hours imagining what all the different countries in the world must be like.  As a child, I was a Cultural Anthropologist long before I knew there was such a profession.  My parents wisely decided while I was still young that this continual hobby needed to be cultured.  In fifth grade I spent a portion of my school year in South Korea.  In the moment that my long flight home landed in Boston, I knew that my passion for discovery and understanding of the world in which we all live would never fade.

I have established Gateway Argentina in hopes of sharing this passion for understanding and discovery of the world in which we live. The Gateway Argentina staff is comprised of individuals who are adventure seekers, dedicated to living a life of discovery and learning.  We have developed this business in the city of Buenos Aires to create a safe, secure and reliable experience for travelers, students and professionals.   We understand the commitment involved in studying and living abroad. We want to help ease the process of finding your way in a new country and adjusting once you have arrived.

We are determined to create a unique program for each participant in keeping with our core values of Education, Enrichment and Exploration.  We are committed to providing the best cultural services available in Buenos Aires. We are dedicated to creating a welcoming community so that no participant feels lost. We are devoted to working hand in hand with Argentines and Argentine businesses to make cultural aspects of Buenos Aires that are normally inaccessible to foreigners, accessible. 

In keeping with our mission of offering the best cultural immersion programs available in Buenos Aires we are looking forward to providing you an experience in Argentina that will last a lifetime.   We understand that choosing a study abroad program and destination can be a very difficult process.   We would like to eliminate some of the worry and make it easier for you.    We advise that you read the frequently asked questions and health and safety section of our website. The information here will help prepare you for your cultural exchange.   We are also available for you from pre-departure throughout the duration of the program.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask, we are happy to assist you.

We encourage you to read over the website and do some additional reading about Buenos Aires and Argentina.   We look forward to meeting you and sharing with you your cultural immersion in the city of Buenos Aires.  

Gateway Argentina Director


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